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our why

a bright future 

The increased global focus on sustainability and broken supply chains, and the growing awareness of the impact on climate change of water-intensive processes, offers hope of a growing network of global solutions and new technologies.

9FIBER® is well positioned to help make this bright future a reality with our innovative Engineered Organic Fiber™ ingredients. We remain at the forefront of the industrial hemp sector, which some consider as the most significant agricultural boom in a generation.


innovation IS KEY

Are you seeking a way to remove or minimize the use of petroleum-based ingredients in your products with minimal or no need for re-tooling manufacturing lines?

Are you concerned about the ongoing deforestation across the world as demand for wood products increases?

We believe incorporation of our Engineered Organic Fiber™   technologies as ingredients within your products will help you contribute to both of these admirable goals.

9FIBER® continues to make deep inroads with our early adopter customers while engaging new customers for collaborative R&D. We invite you to join our network if you, too, are in search of eco-friendly, production-ready, degummed, and decontaminated cellulosic ingredients that will make your products more sustainable.

designED for decomposition

Our ingredients are designed for decomposition. Our process helps prevent man-made materials from escaping into eco-systems  and ensures fungal mycelium networks and ocean currents will not be negatively impacted by the decomposition of our ingredients.

Our technology focuses on the degumming and decontaminating steps only in the production of our unique Engineered Organic Fiber™  ingredients.



9FIBER®, the premier hemp material converter, has partnered with organizations at the forefront of product labeling and consumer accessibility to ensure transparency in accurately presenting product ingredients to consumers.

Together with our partners, we are pursuing a market education process to promote the advantages of using Engineered Organic Fiber™ as an ingredient in a wide range of products, including its use as a food additive. Many consumers are unaware of the amount of virgin lumber or petroleum-based solids present in the foods they consume. In the spirit of full transparency, 9FIBER® and its partners are working together to educate the market on the advantages of replacing virgin lumber or petroleum-based ingredients with this more appetizing and globally scalable organic ingredient.



Our patented process for converting agri-waste into pure, eco-friendly ingredients diverts millions of tons of agricultural waste from contaminating our atmosphere through open field burning or conventional incineration. At 9FIBER®, we embrace development partners who pursue carbon sequestration technology and a circular economy.

reduce ocean pOLLUTION

Did you know that a single garment fabricated from petroleum-based fibers sheds 700,000 nano-particles during its lifetime, much of which ends up in our oceans?


By replacing conventional petroleum-based fibers with 9FIBER® Engineered Organic Fiber™ , we reduce the amount of non-biodegradable petroleum-based particles contaminating our oceans and waterways, and making their way into the food we eat, the air we breathe, and our very bodies. The full extent of the damage these petroleum-based nano-particles cause is still unknown. By replacing petroleum-based fibers with more sustainable ingredients such as those produced by 9FIBER®, we can mitigate ongoing damage and breathe new life into a more sustainable world.


justice involved

We support individuals who have contact or interaction with courts, jails, or prisons including drug-courts, child protection cases, probation, jail, prison, and non-violent offenses. We believe in second chances.

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