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about us

who we are

We are a team of resilient innovators with expertise in technology, manufacturing, and business disciplines. We are nimble and agile, with an unconventional thought process that enables us to address many challenges in a fast-paced, rapidly changing world.

How unconventional? We envision a world with zero manufacturing waste!

Achieving this goal requires stakeholders around the globe to work together to restructure broken supply chains and source new, more sustainable materials. Our decentralized and collaborative model fosters core competencies of cooperation, co-development, and specialization in the creation of innovative Engineered Organic Fiber™ that no one company could accomplish alone.

To understand our role in helping to restructure the global supply chain, we undertook physical pilot projects to gain needed information. With our development partners, we refined our patented technology to evolve a totally new and eco-centric way to process agricultural waste (agri-waste) into materials that can replace or supplement non-renewable petroleum-based feed stocks while offering protection to the world’s forests. Our process began by leveraging hemp, a fast-growing renewable resource that absorbs carbon from the environment as it grows. We are also researching other fast-growing feed stocks and agri-waste sources that can be used in the future to create Engineered Organic Fiber™ .

The result: quality industrial materials (feed stocks) that can be reliably produced at scale, serving a variety of industries with a level of sustainability never before seen.



Meet The Team

2 adin headshot round.png
adin alai

Founder CEO

Serial entrepreneur. Chair, Cannabis Sustainability Council.

2 keith headshot round.png
keith meriedeth


Former President, RockWool N.A. 40 years in cellulose sales in multiple industries.

2 jeff headshot round.png
jeff frasco


Princeton, UMD MBA. Former CFO and Director, manufacturing and retail companies.

2 adam headshot round.png
Adam Powars

Process Inventor

Former cannabis industry operator.

2 zev headshot round.png
Zev paiss

Supply Chain

Former Executive Director, National Hemp Association.

2 josh headshot round.png
josh rockwell

Process Engineer

Paper-making expert. Formerly from Kimberly Clark.

2 pete headshot round.png
pete janik

Filtration Expert

30 years in fibrous media filtration.

2 sergey headshot round.png
sergey gurevich, phd

Chemical Engineer

Catalyst expert and multiple renewable energy patents.

Meet The board

2 dale headshot round.png
dale vernon

Managing Director, Steko Capital, LLC

Entrepreneur. Investor. Advisor. Extensive background in M&A, early-stage, and growth companies.

2 kristi headshot round.png
kristi kelly

Former Executive Director, M.I.G.

Top 50 most powerful women in cannabis.

2 bill headshot round.png
bill kernodle

Textile expert, U.S. Army (retired)

Textile and military operation and logistics expert.


what we do

our processes
product development
quality assurance
laboratory services
customer service

We make base ingredients for blending by converting agricultural waste (Agri-waste) into premium outputs.

We partner with manufacturers to conduct real-world tests with real-world products to determine the optimum natural materials that can fit into existing supply lines without the need for re-tooling.

Our expert team stands 100% behind the quality of our materials. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations at every turn.

We use precise specifications that comply with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) best practices, and ZERO Impact goals.

We provide a sustainable premium product, quickly and consistently. To that end, we work hard to deliver best-in-class customer satisfaction.

Locks TILED.png


9FIBER® is engaged in securing global protections for our Engineered Organic Fiber™ technology, our brand, and our next-generation families of products leveraging Agri-waste technology.

Patents have already been secured in the United States, with more to come.


9FIBER® has developed a network of suppliers and manufacturers to bring forward new product ideas that will create a better future for the planet.  Our partners value sustainable profits and clean technology to produce the finest ingredients.

9FIBER®  is engaging with a range of development partners in search of reliable supply lines and uncontaminated product inputs. We have built relationships with thought leaders, technology disruptors and family farmers. Through those relationships, we have gained knowledge that has improved our manufacturing processes as well as helped our upstream and downstream partners benefit from our network.

Together with our partners, we set reasonable goals and produce tangible results.

We invite you to join us in these efforts to bring more sustainable products to market, and in doing so, to improve the health of our planet.

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