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Innovation for a cleaner world.

Reducing the dependency on petroleum-based products and virgin forests by providing hemp-based, organic materials for end products.

The Invisible Industry

Today, 300+million people in the US interact with products made with virgin forest wood pulp and petroleum-based additives multiple times every day. These additives are used in many processes, including stabilizers, thickeners, and fillers. Most people are entirely unaware of the additives in their products and have little idea why they are needed. Currently, US labels do not require products to list all ingredients or additives in volume, leaving most Americans in the dark, having never seen the word "cellulose" in their products.

For some, it is not a big problem. But for the hundreds of millions of people who want to know what they are eating, wearing, or sitting on, we are adding a layer of transparency into the US market that does not currently exist. 

We imagine a world where the cellulosic additives derive from hemp-based feedstock that are sustainably grown, responsibly managed, and processed without waste or toxic inputs or outputs.

Global Vision

Our goal is to have every American knowingly or unknowingly touch our product 9 times a day in various materials including foods, textiles, plastics, and composites. Eventually, we hope every person on the planet will interact with our product every day.

Shifting Focus TO HEMP

The focus of 9FIBER® is to help people gain access to products made with hyper-clean, hemp-derived cellulosic ingredients. Our process is a cleaner alternative to the existing cellulosic additives derived from lumber. Hemp is better for the planet, a healthier choice for customers, with performance and cost characteristics that allow our product to globally replace virgin forest timber and petroleum-based additives.


We envision a world where engineered, organic materials created through our technology are used in new ways to replace non-sustainable materials in order to reduce costs, improve performance, and benefit the environment. 9FIBER® converts hemp industry waste into hyper-clean, degummed, decontaminated additives and filament through our patented, eco-friendly technology.

Our hemp-based materials are used in end products across nine major market sectors: Plastics, Friction, Food cellulose, Non-Food cellulose, Textiles, Non-Wovens, Paper, Construction, and Natural Fiber Composites.


patented process

9FIBER®  has created a ground-breaking patented system with evolving worldwide protection.


Our collaborative approach with engineering and agricultural experts have accelerated discussions with US makers to enter into collaborative supplier relationships. 

9FIBER® provides test samples of hyper-clean products, Short Engineered Organic Fiber™ and Long Engineered Organic Fiber™, for customer analysis and R&D. Positive feedback from our customers has encouraged us to explore product development with cutting edge companies who are imagining new ways to utilize our inputs into existing product lines for the global market.

water aware

9FIBER® has developed unique filtration systems, allowing our engineering team to observe their processing steps and evolve quickly to create quality control standards.


Our methods empower our engineers to collaborate on process improvements and develop new products with unique filtration and branding identities tied to a hyper-clean, circular economy with tangible results.



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