Our Raw Material Can Be Used To Create Multiple Products

Who We Are

9Fiber is a next generation, agro-technology company dedicated to delivering innovative, responsible and sustainable solutions to cannabis and hemp biomass waste recycling.

We are a purpose driven and environmentally focused team, committed to creating US jobs through producing the highest quality raw material needed to revive the US industrial hemp industry.

Our Mission Statement

Through our pioneering approach to cannabis and hemp biomass waste management, we create the possibility to re-imagine, revive and rebuild the US industrial hemp industry.

Social Responsibility

At 9Fiber, we are passionate about improving the environment and passionate about helping people. As such, we are committing that a portion of our workforce will be comprised of non-violent felons who have demonstrated readiness to re-invent themselves and willingness to contribute to their families and community. We feel that our approach to biomass recycling and investment in our people will create long lasting jobs, stable families and pathways to personal and professional development.

Interesting Facts

  • The 9Fiber patented solution™ destroys all active substances in cannabis and hemp waste in 120 seconds rendering it as unrecognizable biomass.
  • The 9Fiber patented solution™ converts unwanted waste material from the cannabis and industrial hemp industries into usable bast fiber and hurd to be used in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, paper and automotive products.
  • The 9Fiber patented solution™ cleanly separates the fiber from the hurd in under 180 minutes providing the highest quality raw materials at the lowest processing costs.
  • All waste material processed through the 9Fiber patented solution™ is legally allowed to be transported across state lines.
  • The 9Fiber patented solution™ eliminates the need for harsh softening and whitening chemicals. Our process allows for outputs of multiple strengths of raw fiber during one processing cycle.

Latest Questions and Answers

1Is your process eco-friendly?

Yes. The harshest ingredient we use is hydrogen peroxide. According to the EPA, hydrogen peroxide "breaks down rapidly in the environment to oxygen and water".

2How much of the THC and CBD does your process remove?

Our patented process removes all THC and CBDS's from all cannabis and hemp waste material in under 120 seconds.

3What is the hurd, and what can it be used for?

The hurd is the core of the cannabis stalk and is used primarily for building materials such as concrete, particleboard as well as insulation, boiler fuel, chemical absorbent, animal bedding and mulch.

4Aren't both hemp and marijuana federally illegal to transport across state lines?

Yes, that's correct, but not the waste material. According an October 2001 DEA position statement, "..... If, however, the product does not cause THC to enter the human body, it is a noncontrolled substance that may lawfully be sold in the United States. Included in the category of lawful hemp products are textiles, such as clothing made using fiber produced from cannabis plant stalks."
That said, our patented process removes all active substances from cannabis and hemp making the issue irrelevant.

5What are the different uses for the hemp fibers?

A variety of products can made out of cannabis and hemp fiber including clothing, shoes, bags, netting, cordage, carpet, canvas, geotextiles, biocomposites, nonwovens, compression moulding, filters, and graphene.

Innovative. Sustainable. Global.

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